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Gourmet Doughnut and Specialty Coffee

Location: Downtown Las Vegas

This concept that took me a few years from ideation to operation—it was a true labor of love. I came up with the name and wrote the business plan at a time when there was nothing like it in Las Vegas. I had a very clear vision of how I wanted the doughnuts to taste, what coffee supplier I wanted to work with, and how I wanted to branding to look.


I had a lot of fun creating a nostalgic, quirky vibe reminiscent of your uncle’s mid 70s basement. Much of my inspiration for the interior came from eating and bar hopping around Capitol Hill in downtown Seattle, which is also where I sourced my coffee beans. As for the doughnuts, I took a pastry chef approach to the fried treats. That meant making all our fillings, toppings, and dough from scratch, while offering inventive sweet and savory like smoked salmon with cream cheese and Mexican Hot Chocolate with horchata cream filling.

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