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Prohibition Bar with Lite Bites

Location: Downtown Las Vegas

I had the unusual opportunity to create this charming compact retail space housed within two repurposed shipping containers in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. With a total of 640 square feet of retail space, it posed a unique challenge of creating a product mix to drive revenue generation while reserving space to serve and house a limited number of guests. I took the mantra of ‘build it like a boat’ as a constant reminder while designing the interior.

When creating the menu, I made the conscious decision to make sure we did not use any raw proteins. With such a small space I knew it would be a challenge to assure there was no cross-contamination. For our beverage offerings, kegs were the solution for our wine selections. When we opened, we had the largest offering of wine on tap in the city. Over time, we pivoted to better serve a craft beer-loving market. We now offer wine and local beer options.


We have been now open for more than nine years and are one of two operations that have been in business in the Downtown Container Park since its opening.

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